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Gamineazy was established in 2011 with the vision "to make world-class, high-quality video-game entertainment easily accessible and affordable by the Indian masses."

There are wonderful worlds of entertainment and sensory experiences just waiting to be explored. It is the earnest endeavour of the Gamineazy team to raise awareness about them and bring them closer to audiences, some of whom may be intimidated by all the technology or the age-old notion that 'Gaming is bad for you'!

Times have changed! There are gaming experiences to be had that are far from sedentary and asocial. Next-gen gaming offers opportunities for healthful, social engagement, with games that do more than just keep you on the edge of your seat.. They'll keep you on your toes... and/or make you sweat literally!

The Gamineazy team strives to promote Gaming as a healthy life-style choice by focusing on the ‘entertainment + recreation + exercise’ advantage that motion-sensor technology provides. Motion gaming or Active gaming involves a level of interactivity between gamers and the game in an immersive, sensory experience that is both entertaining and healthy. Gamineazy hopes to bring this to people in various settings and help them understand the multi-fold benefits of exergaming. Gamineazy makes it easy for people to access the technology and experience it first-hand through its innovative lounge/retail/event-management model.

The Zones :

The standard zone is an open-area which offers visitors the flexibility of choosing motion-gaming (with all the sweating, grunting and heaving that goes with it!) or a more relaxed seated gaming experience for you and a partner on our Playstation systems. The area is bounded by glass-walls on two sides and offers little privacy. Once you’re in the zone, you can alternate between the play-modes, depending on your desired activity-level, type of game and of course availability of the gameplay area.

The premium zone is for folks who like to live it up and game in style… and in privacy. The larger of the rooms offer the following features:
- Large-screen projection system
- 5.1 channel surround sound system
- Comfortable seating area for up to 5 people

The smaller room in the premium zone offers the following features:
- 42’’ Full HD 3D television
- 2.1 Channel Sound system
- Comfortable seating area for up to 3 people

The Gamineazy store has an array of gaming accessories to try out in the integrated Gaming lounges. Customers get to touch and feel the equipment and test for themselves to see if meets their needs/ expectations. If they like it, they can place an order at the retail counter and either pick up the merchandise right away OR have it home-delivered (if its out of stock at the time or if the item is too bulky to be carried around)

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