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Grillopolis is an ode to the earliest art of cooking known to man.
The art of grilling. Open flamed. And open hearted.
The art of grilling has always been the art of sharing too.
Where friends and communities come together to partake in choicest cuts, potent rubs and secret sauces.
Where the sound of laughter and the smell of smoke comes together to create a moment of togetherness like none other. Over flutes of wine and spirited music.
A tradition, perfected on the coasts of Mediterranean and taken to the world by seafaring Spaniards.
Where you can enjoy grilled food like it’s meant to be. Robust. Earthy. Delightful.
Grillopolis is a celebration of the Mediterranean grilling experience.
Beckoning you through a belfry, into a sunlit piazza, to dine under a giant olive tree…The Zaytoon.
Transporting you in time and space to a world 6000 kms away.
And while you are there, reach for the bell and announce your arrival.
Welcome to Grillopolis. Welcome to the city of grills

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