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Mai Tai Lounge

Mai Tai Lounge is part of world known American chain of restaurants Trader Vic’s, which has more than a 75-year history and is named after its original branded drink – Mai Tai – invented in 1944

Trader Vic’s Mai Tai Lounge is a modern twist to a traditional concept.

Each restaurant, though consistent in theme and aesthetic, has its own unique personality, and no two are exactly alike. We source the most unusual decor items from around the world including antique tribal masks and tiki carvings, natural exotic materials such as tapa cloth, woven grass wall-coverings and tropical fabrics, indigenous artifacts such as woven fish traps and hand-hewn canoes, and Polynesian-inspired color palettes, lighting fixtures, and furnishings.

From the beginning, Trader Vic’s has been dedicated to using only the finest ingredients from around the world. Our menu showcases the best of cuisines from around the world including Chinese, Japanese, Polynesian, Vietnamese, Thai, French, and Californian. We strive for authentic preparations and every Trader Vic’s location features our world-famous Chinese wood-fired oven, where meat, fish and fowl are slowly roasted to perfection in the true ‘roti’ tradition.

Vic formulated many drink recipes in his lifetime attaining legendary status with the invention of the Mai Tai. We have continued his labor of love by constantly creating new innovative drink recipes, as well as honoring established favorites. Today’s guests at Trader Vic’s can choose from a tempting array of over 200 signature cocktails and refreshing libations.

Trader Vic’s gained international acclaim from a global clientele not only for its tantalizing menu and exotic atmosphere, but because of the emphasis placed on personalized service. We recognize that our service staff is paramount in exceeding each guest’s expectations.

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