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Oriental Senses

ORIENTAL SENSES -What started out as a vacation to Thailand turned out to be a business milestone for Ahoi Haolai Sitlhou, the founder of Oriental Senses. She wanted to bring home the Asian spirit of holistic approach to relaxation and wellness. It is believed that all disease is due to an imbalance of the body’s energy and the goal of Oriental Senses is to promote this balance through our acupressure based techniques massages

One of the main reasons for starting this business was to provide employment to the hardworking girls from NE India since this region lacks employment opportunities due to insurgency problems. Ahoi, being herself from this region, always had this deep desire to do something for her society and thus, Oriental Senses was born.

All her therapists have been personally picked and trained by her. Her 8 years experience in the corporate world as a trainer and business consultant helped her to impart the softer skills much needed in the industry

Ahoi is a graduate from Lady Shriram College , Delhi University and has a Spa Diploma from TMC, one of the best institutes in Thailand. She is also trained in Traditional Balinese Massage from Bali, Indonesia.

Traditional Thai Massage
The technique includes gentle muscle stretching with patterns of gentle rocking and rhythmic thumb, elbow and palm pressure. Your body feels rejuvenated and alive after the massage This massage is recommended if you have stiff muscles and for energizing oneself.

A favorite with our clients, it is the ultimate relaxing massage based on Japanese technique of healing touch. Shiatsu uses finger, palm and elbow pressure to adjust the body’s natural inner energies. Recommended if you want to have a complete relaxation.

Balinese Massage
An ancient technique from Bali in Indonesia, Balinese massage uses a combination of gentle stretches, accupressure and aroma therapy oils to stimulate the flow of blood, oxygen and energy around your body to bring deep relaxation and wellness.

Oriental Foot Massage
A blessing for the tired and aching feet. Pressure is applied to various zones on the feet using the thumb, fingers, and palms to induce relief from pain and stress. A must for tired feet and soles.

Thai Herbal Hot Compress
In the olden days, herbal compress was used to relieve sprain, strained muscles, stiff joints and also to stimulate blood circulation It contains 10 traditional herbs and is heated in a steamer. The warm bundle is applied in conjunction with a massage. An excellent choice to relieve pain and soothe the sore and overworked muscles. A must try in the winter too!!


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