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High in the picturesque Swiss Alps, the fourth generation of the Elsener family continues the tradition of quality cutlery started by Charles and Victoria Elsener in 1884. In 1891 they obtained the first contract to supply the Swiss Army with sturdy "Soldier's Knife". Shortly afterwards, Charles Elsener developed the elegant "Officier's Knife". This revolutionary knife, design officially registered on June 12th 1897, became popular throughout the world because of its high quality, versatility and excellence in design. The "Swiss Army Knife" renders countless services to millions of people every day and like a watch, is an indispensable companion to them.

In 2010, we are a global brand producing different products united through iconic design, exceptional functionality, practical innovation, quality management and special services. They embody our values of authenticity, trustworthiness, accessibility, passion, honesty and the Swiss spirit.

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