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Village The Soul Of India Restaurant

Village, the soul of India is the first unique theme restaurant which revives the long forgotten traditions and culinary secrets of the Indian culture and heritage.

Village, the soul of India pampers your visit with a no time limit policy, variety of regional entertainment & attractions; a gigantic spread of six different cuisines from all over India and you can shop for some memorabilia too.

Village, the soul of India is the flagship restaurant venture by Kambala Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. KHPL is the young dynamic group instrumental in launching a chain of dynamic theme restaurants.

Village, the soul of India attempts to revive the long forgotten cuisines and specialties from the regional states of India. The diverse mélange of lifting aromas transcend you into another world on your entry at the Village. Where else under one roof you get to sample 70 tempting delicacies ranging from appetizers to desserts.

This one ticket restaurant allows you to sample unlimited food & beverage from its well appointed food chowkis cooked in front of you, temptingly fresh and delicious.
The menu is on rotation and changes on a daily basis taking care to showcase the specialties of each region with special care and attention. Its cooks and maharaja’s are sourced from origin domain to retain the authenticity of the flavours and values.

Begin your gastronomique experience with choicest appetizers & farsans, chaas, sugarcane juice and sherbets, hot & cold chaats, main courses from each region, select tawa attractions, scrumptious tandoori delicacies, assorted parathewali gulli or the robust Punjabi dhaba. Do save some appetite for the sinful kadhaiwala doodh, the hot kesar jalebis and the kandi kulfis served with the Mishtaan bhandar from West Bengal.

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