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The Brand : Touch the earth. Breathe the wind. Taste the water. Feel the richness of the forest, the emptiness of the desert, the might of the rivers and the majesty of the mountains. As you look around and marvel at the vastness of it all, ask yourself, "Where am I?" And the answer hits you right there and then, "Home." That's when you know you are one of the few through whose very veins the spirit of adventure flows like a raging torrent. A spirit that is willing to stretch the levels of human endurance; a spirit that desires to reach the furthest frontiers; a spirit that craves to venture into the unknown. It is this spirit of adventure that defines Woodland. Ever since the beginning Woodland has successfully brought together the power of the human will and the rewards of discovery. Woodland has imbibed this very spirit in each and every one of its products. Products which push the boundaries of innovation so that you can push the boundaries of exploration.

History : Woodland’s parent company, Aero Group, has been a well known name in the outdoor shoe industry since the early 50s. It quickly gained popularity due to its unwavering commitment to quality and the introduction of the latest designs. Today, Aero Group is a highly integrated firm with its own leather tanning units and production facilities in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Macau and Canada. In 1992, Aero Group launched Woodland and it immediately caught the attention of outdoor enthusiasts. It brought with it, an innovative collection designed to provide rock climbers, backpackers, hikers, trail runners, and outdoor lovers with the perfect tools to meet nature’s challenges. Soon enough the Woodland tree logo became synonymous with adventure. And as the calendar turned towards the new millennium, Woodland kept expanding its line of outdoor shoes, performance apparels, and equipments to cater to the needs of those always reaching for the horizon. But the desire to explore does not have any boundaries. Adventure does not come with any limits. Discovery does not have an end. These are as vast as the outdoors. It is this conviction that has taken Woodland to the forefront of the global outdoor products industry. Currently, Woodland commands a network of 350 exclusive stores worldwide. The brand also has a presence in more than 3000 multi-brand outlets in a number of countries.

Innovation And Technology : The inspiration behind Woodland’s success is undoubtedly the outdoor adventurer. After all, the adventurer is always looking for new ways to push the limits and to discover something new. Similarly, Woodland has also been discovering new technologies and presenting cutting edge innovations to bring customers only the highest quality. And this quality demands that each and every product should be able to withstand the rigours of exploring the wild without compromising on comfort, style and versatility. In order to constantly maintain this level of perfection, Woodland has indigenously developed manufacturing and packaging processes that rival the best in the world. It all begins with a fully integrated production process. The key raw materials for shoes, leather, and a good part of the soles are all made in-house. Hand-picked Italian hides are tanned and finished on Italian machinery. The unique rugged, tough rubber soles are also produced using German technology. New projects on the anvil include high-class footwear with directly injected dual density PU/PU, PU/TPU soles produced by high-tech machines and robots from the German giant Desma. Apart from the above, Woodland is always on the search for materials which are not only of high quality, but eco friendly as well. As it strides into the future, Woodland will continue to utilize new technologies to bring you only the best. Woodland's definition of quality demands that any footwear and garment we make should be long-lasting and strong. It should also be as light as possible, supple, feel dry and comfortable against the skin, and be easy to care for. It should be versatile and should perfectly fit an active man, woman or kid. Environmental harm from manufacturing or growing practices or from dyes and finishes should be minimal. We go to great lengths to design products that embody these qualities.

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