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Yamaha Music

With its clear leadership in the Musical instruments market worldwide, Yamaha Music aims to be the most preferred brand for artists, music lovers and aspiring musicians in India. Yamaha Music India offers full line of Yamaha musical instruments, Professionsal Audio and Audio Visual Instruments across India

The Yamaha Music India products range includes Pianos, Keyboard Instruments, Guitars & Basses, Drums, Brass & Woodwinds, Strings, Percussion, Marching Instruments, Synthesizers & Music Production Tools, Electronic Entertainment Instruments, Audio & Visual, Professional Audio, Apps for iOS and Android™

Yamaha Pianos : Acoustic Pianos, Grand Pianos, Upright Pianos, Digital Pianos, Clavinova, Arius, P-Series, Portable Grand, Piano Apps & Accessories

Yamaha Keyboard Instruments : Keyboards, Arranger Workstations, Portable keyboards, Piaggero, Synthesizers, Keyboard Apps & Accessories.

Yamaha Guitars & Basses : Acoustic Guoitars, Classic & Nylon Guitars, Electric Guitars, Electric Basses, Silent Guitar, Amps & accessories

Yamaha Drums : Acoustic Drums, Electronic Drums 

Yamaha Brass & Woodwinds : Flutes, Piccolos, Clarinets, Saxophones, Trumpets, Cornets, Trombones, Baritones, Euphoniums, Tubas, Marching Brass, Recorders

Yamaha Percussion : Xylophones, Timpani

Yamaha Synthesizers & Music Production Tools : Synthesizers, Apps, Accessories - Pedals, MIDI Interfaces

Yamaha Electronic Entertainment Instruments : SHS, Digital Percussion

Yamaha Audio & Visual Products : AV Receivers, Desktop Audio, Sound Bar, Home Theatre Systems, HiFi Systems, HiFi Components, Wireless Streaming Amplifiers, Speaker Systems, Accessories, Apps.

Yamaha Professional Audio : Applications - Live sound, Broadcast, Musician / Portable Sound, Hall, Theatrer, Commercial Installed Sound, Music / Post Production, Mixers, Interfaces, Network Switches, Processors, Power Amplifiers, Speakers, PA Systems, DAW Systems, Headphones, Active Field Control, Software and Applications for PC, iPad, iPhone and Android, Accessories

Yamaha Apps : Smart Pianist, Chord Tracker, Digital Piano Controller, Metronome, Notestar, Cloud Audio Recorder, Cloud Audio Recorder for MOTIF XF, E3 Controller, Disklavier Controller, Visual Performer, Paino Diary, My Music Recorder, P-255 Controller, Repertorie Finder, Scale Tuner, Sound Controller, MD-BT01 / UD-BT01 Utility, Electone Data Library, Soundmondo, Mobile Music Sequencer, Faders, Multi Editor Essential, Performance Editor Essential, FM Essential, DTX502 Touch, DTX 400 Touch, DTX 400 Drum Lessons, DTX Mutli-12 Touch, DTX700 Touch, Song Beats, MusicSoft Manager, MusicCast CONTROLLER, AV Controller, AV Setup Guide, Home Theater Controller, DTA Controller.


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